HAEMUS, as a center for scientific research, but also as a center for promotion of the culture, provides itineraries thought rich natural and cultural-historical heritage of the Republic of Macedonia. We are engaged in:

• Tours                         • Excursions                         • Sustainable development

In general, we run short, weekend and longer tours that enable visitors to relax and enjoy wonderful scenery, sites and monuments. These tours are guided by professional archaeologists, art historians and historians with the qualified tourist licence given by the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Macedonia. As HAEMUS, we also provide first class information, for anyone with an interest in archaeology, history  ethnology, art history, architecture and art – enthusiasts, students and researchers.


Educating visitors at Kokino during the ”The secrets of the medieval mining in Macedonia’‘ tour
preformed for International Museum Day 2013

UNESCO Club HAEMUS Educational tours are designed for people to learn about World Heritage sites, about the history and traditions of their own and other cultures we are surrounded, about ecology and the importance of protecting biodiversity. Thus, they become aware of the threats facing the sites and learn how common help can save heritage. Most importantly, they discover how they can contribute to heritage conservation and make themselves heard.

We also arrange visits, excursions and tours for the twofold purpose of giving participants a more concrete idea of economic, social and cultural conditions (visits to industrial centers, dams, model farms, training centers, monuments, museums, artists’ studios), and providing opportunities for personal contacts between people from different backgrounds or different countries.


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